This will be a quicky.

A couple of months ago I’ve started a new ‘business’, I’m uploading stock footage to a site (ask me if you want to know more about it). Since my Fuji is not the best for this, I’ve started using my  S7 edge, but the handheld footage is shaky of course, so I needed a gimbal or a tripod for the phone. But since I’ve wrecked my bank account for the iMac,  the Gimball option is out the field, for now, I started to search for a tripod.

I found one: Joby Griptight and I’m very pleased with it! Very lightweight yet sturdy, I can drop it in my bag and go, I can mount it basically everywhere, and get interesting footage.

You can use the normal tripod with just the phone holder as it has threading.

PS.: It has magnetic feet!! 😀



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