Exercises in futility | 50mm | iso200 | F\22 | 1\200

I love architecture.

Always loved them, where I grew up in Budapest in the inner city full of buildings, houses built in eclectic style, or neo-renaissance.

I used to walk around and taking pictures of them, but the buildings were almost black or grey from the traffic, and smog tho. Which was good for B&W photos, but also sad that the government didn’t take care of the buildings.

A couple of years ago I find myself that I started to like new modern architectures as well, and since now I’m living in Bristol it’s a good source for that type of photography.



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  1. Wonderful shoot! I love modern architecture and pictures of architectonic buildings.

    1. Thank you, Gia:)

  2. Bristol is a lovely place and there is plenty of great pictures you will capture relating to architecture.

  3. I love big buildings. One of the main reasons I love New York because most all the buildings are high up.

  4. Photography is a nice creative hobby…you are right the state of old buildings is similar in most places..not getting the maintainance they deserve…
    Thank you

  5. Great picture of the building. I have never been to Budapest but it sounds great from your experience!

    1. Thank you, Hunny!

  6. I agree Bristol is good source for modern architectural design…… Keep us posted….

  7. Nice photo. There’s so much potential when photographing buildings!

    1. Thank you, Coni:)

  8. Great photo! The more you stared at it the more words you realized.

  9. I love admiring architecture. I just wish I knew more about it.

    1. I know nothing about architecture, but if I find something that I like, I look after in the net:)

  10. Budapest is one out of those places I would like to visit Peter,

    Hope to be there to see those nice architectures.

    1. Budapest is one of the most beautiful places on earth 🙂 I hope you make it! Don’t forget to visit the baths:)

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