Today we will continue our journey through Bristol and the next stop is Bedminster (BS3). This will be a hard one since I live here, so I will try stick to the plan ūüôā

Bedminster was a small town of which the origin seems to be Roman, centered on what is now East Street and West street. By the late Anglo-Saxon period Bedminster was a manor held by King Edward the Confessor in the 11th century, and in the Domesday Book of 1086 it was still in royal hands. The Royal Manor of Bedminster was comprised all of the land south of the Avon from the Avon Gorge to Brislington, and in the Domesday Book had 25 villeins, 3 slaves, and 27 smallholders. In 1154 it was given to the Lords of Berkeley, who kept it for 300 years. In 1605 it was purchased by the Smyth family of Ashton Court who remained the Lords of the Manor until the 19th century.

Our first stop will be the Victoria Park, which¬†can be found 5 minutes walk from ASDA or by train¬†at the Bedminster¬†stop. The park features¬†tennis courts, a¬†bowling green, a 1.7-kilometre (1.1¬†mi) marked a route for joggers, various exercise stations and a children’s play area. If we are following the Malago Rd., we end up at the East street which has is own voice by Darren Jones in the fruit market and I will leave a link here so you can listen to it because it’s so unique. There isn’t any word to describe it. The voice

Now we have choices to make, we can go to another park (Dame Emily park), or we can continue our walk to North Street, which has various¬†coffee places, restaurants, shops. The Dame Emily park¬†has a skate park, basketball and football¬†courts, a permitted graffiti¬†wall, a small¬†little zip wire for older (or more confident) children. And while we are here, we can go for a swim session at the South Bristol swimming pool. Neat, innit? :)Now that we’ve been swimming a lot, I need a coffee, so we should go to North Street. Now we can choose from a lot of cafes or we can drink a milkshake at the Shake express ( I highly¬†recommend it, fantastic shakes at a reasonable price with friendly staff). For a coffee I would choose The Lounge, they serve delicious food as well. If you want a pint, no problem,¬† further down North street we can find the Bristol beer factory, they serve some very tasty beers.

If we going down the street we will end up at Greyville Smythe park which has a large play area for kids, and a large field for other activities. From here it’s just a couple of minutes to the Clifton area, that I wrote¬†about earlier which you can visit. But for now, we going to stay at Bedminster and go towards Ashton Gate. At Ashton Gate, we can find¬†the stadium of Bristol City FC.¬†Bristol City Football Club¬†is a professional¬†football¬†club in¬†Bristol, England, who currently play in the¬†Championship, the second tier of English football. Founded in 1894, they have played their home games at¬†Ashton Gate¬†since 1904. Near the stadium we go can for chicken at the KFC or shopping at the Curry’s or B&M. 1 minute walk from here and another park ūüôā Gores Marsh Park which has a play area, and a small field.

I’m gonna end this up here since we walked through Bedminster. But if I want to be frank, there’s another park nearby, Manor woods valley, but it’s technically not part of Bedminster so I’m gonna skip it for now.

I hope you found this post interesting and consider visiting this place.

Next time we gonna go fishing ūüôā

Until next time,


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  1. England is a place that is on my bucket list to visit! There is so much history to learn about and see, which is so exciting for me. Your description of Bedminster sounds like a place I would want to visit while there. Great post!

  2. Hey! Interesting post! Its like travelling back to the place where you have been.

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  4. Bedminster sounds like a swell place to visit, so many parks, and things to do to fulfill your whole day, great review keep it up.

  5. I live in London, but have never been to Bedminster! It sounds like an interesting place to visit, I’ll have to look up some photos too!

  6. We always love visiting cities with futbol clubs. Got to tour Camp Nou last summer!

  7. I love London……it has a charm to it you can’t find anywhere else….. Especially the English countryside…..very charming…..

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