Good times are coming

Good times are coming

Earlier this year, about March I got a new job (it’s sooo far away from where I live),and I got pay rise twice, during this period:)
Which led me into my biggest invest, a 27 inch Imac. Although it’s not just mine, my fiance use it as well (online biz). I said bigest, and by bigest, I mean I had a deep rooted hatred towards Apple, so having an Apple product is big for me(but,big moneywise as well ofc.).  I have to admit that the smoothness how this machine works, and the flawless design(I/O ports are in the back), is almost ASMR for me.
From yesterday I have the monthly subscription for the lightroom CC, so I can continue to make more presets (I’ve already made 8)
oh! and by the way, I’ve recovered a fairly amount of my old photos, and accounts, so yeah good times are coming!
I will post to Instagram everyday
PS. : Does anyone knows why is the syncronization between the desktop lightroom, and the mobile version soo slow?
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