Happy accident Holga style (Almost)

Happy accident Holga style (Almost)

Well, since the weather is awful here in Bristol, I decided to do some “stuck at home” photography. I remembered that I watched a video by Ted Forbes about how to improve ourselves in photography, using assignments. In one of the video, he speaks about Holga camera and the limitations what comes with that camera, and how we can use that limitation to improve, so here’s the assignment idea:

“Of course you don’t have to use a Holga – you can use your digital camera as well – just remember these are the rules.

• Turn off Autofocus and no Viewfinder – you’ll use your eyes and zone focusing

• Aperture will be set to f/8 only • Shutter speed can be either 1/30 or 1/60 sec

• ISO must be 100 or 400

Those are your choices. You’ll need to understand light and how you can work within those parameters. It won’t be easy!”


I shot a bunch of pictures about Lego star wars, I set up a scene where Obi-wan running away with R2 from an explosion. I used my Vape, to make an atmosphere, it came out really nice. And then…

I started to write this post and searched for the video to put it in the post, realized that I didn’t use the parameters…

Nevertheless, I will show the pictures since I think it came out really good. Tomorrow I will continue this photography but on the street 🙂

Don’t forget to check out the channel on Youtube The Art of Photography


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