Journey to the unknown

Journey to the unknown

(Cheesy title, I know.)
For those who don’t know what  Geocaching is: It’s a worldwide played game ( I don’t like that term), where you have to find a hidden cache with your GPS device or smartphone, or map(hardcore) either in your local area, city, another city, country, you get the idea:)
Now, while you searching that, you will explore that area, you have to…and that’s the point where photography came in.
You will be in places, you never been before, even if the cache in your local area, and there’s a good chance to capture a great photo. Maybe not a fine art photo, but still, you were outside, practicing, and (there’s a good chance) find that cache, which is also fun. Believe me.
I live in the UK since 2014, but I’m from Hungary, and by play Geocaching,  (playing since 2006)I vent to places where I never been before in Hungary, and England of course.
What you need is GPS(Garmin, or other else), or a smartphone, map, appropriate clothes(weatherwise), and of course your photography gear.
I put some pictures below, that I took some of my trips


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