Streetvision #1

So here we are. This is my first post, which is dedicated to Street photography. I would like to involve you to share your opinions about this pictures, as I very newb in this area and so much have to learn. Let me know in the comments below, do you like this microblog format, or you prefer the “normal” blogging stuff.


This is my favorite picture from this session. Although I wondering if this picture could be better from a lower angle, or as good as is. (50mm | 1/250| F2.5 | iso 100) — at Bristol


It’s just meh…nothing is happening in this picture. Also, I feel a little on tight on the right Although it’s very clean.(50mm | 1/250| F2.5 | iso 100)


This is a total failure… I left the camera on aperture mode, although I should switch to Shutter priority. Everything is blurry and shifted. But I like the location! On the right side was a more colorful graffiti, but next to me was a construction area, so I couldn’t get that shot. It’s a shame, so much potential left empty. ( 50mm| 1/30 | F 5.6| iso 100 ) — at Bristol.


I like this picture, nothing interesting in this picture tho. ( 36mm |F 6.3 |1/80 | iso 100) — at Bristol.





Kinda like this picture. The guy preparing food, the man ended up ordering something, people in the distance… I wish I stayed more there waiting for another opportunity. Something missing from this picture.(50mm | 1/250| F1.8 | iso 100)

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