To infinity and beyond

To infinity and beyond

Nikon just announced the P1000 with the world’s highest zoom ratio: at 24-3000mm equivalence, it’s capable of 125x optical zoom. I saw a couple of photos taken with this monstrosity, I ’m not convinced at all by this.

I mean for that price tag, you can get a decent DSLR, with a couple of lenses, and it will take better photos, than this, or at least equal quality photos.

I have a bridge camera, as I mentioned before, with a 30x 24-720mm equivalence zoom, and I used the full zoom only once or twice just for fun. That doesn’t mean anything tho..I can imagine some people find it useful, but I think the vast majority of us will not, especially for that price tag.

Anyway, let me know in the comments below, would you buy it,  and if so, what type of photography would you use it?

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